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Get to Know Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Springfield, OH

Zion Lutheran Church - Springfield, Ohio

Sunday School


Zion Sunday School helps children of pre-school age through high school place focus on the importance of the Bible in their lives through stories, discussions of Christian virtues, and how to share God's love through word and action. It is our belief that interaction with the Bible through different types of media and discussion will help young Christians grow up to be better citizens in America and the world. We offer Adult Bible Study as well as Sunday school at 9:15am every Sunday morning.

What have we been doing?

Throughout the summer and fall, we have studied the Old Testament through reading the Bible, watching Bible story videos from creation to Elijah and Elisha, and completing activity bulletins focusing on the lives of special people like Abraham, Moses, and David. We also used a new series called What's in the Bible?, created by the same people who brought us Veggie Tales. On December 23rd, Zion Sunday School children and teachers will have a special program that will take place during 10:30 worship service.